Alexandra Bendit

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The Divine Feminine

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Original work printed on glossy photo paper

Divine feminine energy induces us to look beyond what appears to be the truth. The receiving, nurturing, mother energy of creation gently pushes us to embrace and connect to and be aware of our feelings. Strong feminine energy is present when you draw your desires to you by connecting with your higher self and embodying the frequency that you wish to experience. For so long femininity was seen as weakness, especially in men. Society's ideals of femininity are unrealistic, because feminine energy is so free flowing women are expected to be everything all at once while being constantly fetishized and criticized for existing. No wonder so many people's feminine side is wounded and that looks like... difficulty trusting and receiving favors, easily distracted, manipulative, disorganized and difficulties saying no. The divine feminine energy makes you feel safe, inspires you to create and care for yourself, the essence of self-love.

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